Best Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

We humans have different body types because there are differences in us in terms of consuming food and burning calories. You agree or, not, but its a fact that in this busy world we normally tend to have diet which are not part of our planned diet. And the result is in some or other way our body might gain some weight or, it can be malnutritioned. Considering the fact that now a days body weight gain is a major problem around the world which can lead to some of the worst diseases like Diabetes. Here in this topic we are going to discuss about some foods for weight loss. Let’s Begin.

Yogurt / Curd :

yogurt - for weight loss

You heard it right. Very less people are aware of the fact that actually Yogurt is rich in protein and full of probiotics (live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you), both of which are good for your gut health that helps your weight-loss efforts. Believe it or, not, but your gut health largely impacts your weight, and eating more probiotics and dietary fiber helps keep your gut bacteria happy, which is good for metabolism. You should remember while going for the Greek yogurt that it has more protein and less sugar but at the same time it has more Fat as well. Also just keep an eye on the quantity of added sugars in most of the packaged flavored yogurts, which only add calories. Instead, you can opt for fresh fruit to sweeten the plain yogurt and consuming that in our daily diet will definitely make a good impact on achieving weight loss goal.

Beans :

beans- for weight loss

Normally beans are rich in fiber and protein, both of which are important ingredient on any weight loss diet plan. Fiber slowly moves through our body and slowly it promotes the feelings of satiety while protein has been shown to reduce levels of ghrelin, a multifaceted gut hormone that stimulates feelings of hunger.

Kidney beans nutrition is also rich in alpha-amylase inhibitors, which are a type of protein also found in other types of beans as well as grains like rice and wheat. Because of their ability to prevent starch absorption and breakdown, alpha-amylase inhibitors have often been used to boost weight loss.

Avocado :

avocado- for weight loss

The next item in our list of foods for weight loss is Avocado. Avocados are loaded in monounsaturated unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, metal associated phytochemicals. According to some nutrition journal, People who consume avocados have a tendency to have decreased BMI (Body Mass Index) which is generally weight to height ratio, than those who do not eat this “superfood”. Whilst avocados are higher in energy than one-of-a-kind merchandise of the soil, their awesome fats and fiber blend may additionally assist you with thinning down. Consume a few to your serving of combined veggies, sandwich or taco at night time for an explosion of richness and taste.

Almonds :


As the Almonds are having much nutrients like vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids, fibers and proteins, so they are considered as powerhouse of Nutrients. A few say that almonds can be considered the subsequent massive “superfood” due to their fantastic nutrient profile. As they are excessive on protein so they hold you complete for longer and also as they contain lot of manganese which helps give a boost to bones and modify blood sugar. They are extraordinarily useful for people with blood strain issues and also help muscle and nerve characteristic. The consumption of nuts, together with almonds, has been proven to cut back body mass index, or BMI ( weight as compared to height) and decrease waist measurements. Additionally, more recent research unearths that almonds certainly contain approximately 20% fewer energy than the other nuts, because a number of the energy are not absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream.

Eggs :

eggs- for weight loss

The next popular item in our list of foods for weight loss is Egg. It is widely known that Eggs are amazingly rich in protein, fat and important nutrients such as like choline and vit-D. That’s why people tend to eat them specifically weight reduction.

Eating a high-protein breakfast promotes weight loss, due to the fact protein will increase satiety even as regulating hunger and urge for food hormones, assisting fend off your starvation until lunchtime. One examine observed that ingesting eggs for breakfast left people feeling greater satisfied than folks that had bagels-which helped them devour less at some stage in the day.

It is the protein that specifically makes them a force to be reckoned with for weight reduction. Having a high-protein breakfast makes the process faster in weight reduction, due to the fact that protein expands satiety even as controlling craving and yearning hormones, preventing off your urge for food until noon. A research also discovered that having eggs for breakfast left people feeling extra fulfilled than the people who had bagels-which helped them eat much less at some point of the day.

Fruits :


Generally fruits are linked to myths and some negative criticism on the grounds that they generally carries sugar. Buy actually eating a lot of fruits can result with dropping pounds, in particular while now a days where we normally are super active towards choosing a healthy life.

 Fruits are a great supply of nutrients and minerals, identified for their function in curing vitamin-C and vitamin-A deficiency diseases and also many of us are aware of the benefits of vitamin-C to our body. Those who include fresh fruits as part of a healthy consuming sample have a reduced threat of some continual sicknesses. Fruits are the source of many essential anti-oxidants, nutrients consisting of potassium, folate (folic acid) and also polyphenols. Many citrus fruits such as cranberries, blueberries and strawberries also comprise phytochemicals which increases immune system.

Conclusion :

Frankly weight-loss is no fast process considering the fact that we cannot live a full day with not having enough food to survive the day to day work schedule. Our body needs energy to perform any task and not giving enough food to our body, it’s like really really bad as it might lead to deficiency disorders. But at the same time, if we want to go for losing  some pounds, we can definitely lose some kind of food and instead REPLACE them with above mentioned food items with the list of foods for weight loss. Good Luck!

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